Next to the already very advanced standard functions of

RAPTOR it can be even further expanded with Optional Moduls as mentioned below:          

001    BRAKE-inputs     Trains starts braking from larger
002    Loc-weight    Weight simulation.
          (Also for OLD decoders!)
003    Time tables    Wayside stations and train stops.
004    Block prohibit       Distinction between train
          classes.(Goods/Passenger/Steam/Catenary wire/
          Chemicals etc.)
005    Auto loc functions      Execute automatic loc decoder
          function actions.(Horn/Steam whisle/interior lights
006    Terminus station      Automatic reverse at terminus
          and shuttle services.
007    Distant signals       Enable signal symbols Vr0 and
          Vr1 automatic setting.

008    Turnout input       Guard and correct turnout
          operation  malfunction.(Additional security in hidden
009    Turnout Panel        Take over Raptor controlled
          areas manually.

010    Loc milage     Automatic accounting for each
In case of expanding the Raptor unit with additional modules
(upgrade), the Raptor unit does not to be returned to your
dealer. Returning the unit to your dealer is only required in
case of software updates of the internal software.
Do you want even more functions than mentioned above? Raptor
is capable of anything concerning (automatic) train control!!  
Today! Please download the Raptor Module Catalog HERE
Simply inform us about your requirements and we tell you
exactly which additional moduls you need to realise your wish
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