Basic System Specifications:

- Up to 500 Runways/Turnout-streets may be entered unto the
  layout administration input.
- Unlimited number of turnouts editable for each turnout-street.
- Independent time setting of Power Duration for each
  turnout or signal.
- Home signals(at hidden stations) with decoder and/or relais
  are not required.
- Trains STOP at (virtual or real) home signals WITHOUT a
  drive power cut by a signal switch.
- Hundreds of built-in Brake Generators, for weight
  simulation decoders at signal stop inputs.
- Toggle runways/blocks between ‘in service’ or ‘out of
  order’ easily.
- Easy to change turnout/signal numbers and block names.
- Unique automatic Track-Learn-Mode! Just drive one train
  over your layout manually,while setting the turnouts and
  signals, and Raptor will learn all runways, turnout-streets,
  stop inputs and junction crossings automatically!
- FLAWLESS AUTOMATIC control handling at stations and
  junction crossings/intersections.
- Built-in S88 noise suppression filter for ERROR FREE input
  readouts. (Up to 50 meter!)
- All input types like rail switches, magnetic reed contacts,
  contact rail and position detection    etc. may be used
  intermixed on your layout.
- Only one input connection needed at each block for
  facilitating automatic drive!
- Up to 250 trains may be entered, including free choice of 
  identification names.
- The extreme advanced Raptor ROUTE FINDER provides full
  automatic train drive, for ALL your trains in a very
  unpredictable entertaining and SPECTACULAR manner!
- New trains put on the layout merge automaticly with the
  other train movements.
- Automatic detection of trains DELAYS and RE-ROUTING of all
  other trains.
- Overview of all train locations with TRAIN NUMBER ID,
  including those at hidden stations.
- Individual and independent SPEED settings of each locomotive.
- VERY LUXURIOUS manual loc controller includes switching up
  to 24 functions(DCC).
- EVERYTHING is multi-tasking executed, while you continue to
  control Raptor.
- All changed data settings are permanently stored, batteries
  are NOT required.
- Large and clear LCD 20x4 display with durable buttons and
  turning knob, all dust resitant.
- Including ENGLISH MANUAL on
  CD-ROM. Copyright(C) 2006-2019 All Rights Reserved