PC/Tablet Wifi-control

There is a new possibility for a graphical expansion developed
for Raptor to display your rail layout on one or more monitors
in accordance with the SpDrs60 method (Spurplan Drucktasten
Stellwerk Siemens 1960) of layout control.

(No worries, the entire programme is in the English language.)
The SpDrs60 method is a development for the German railways
to operate (shunt)yards for example stations from (simple)
signal boxes.
The SpDrs60 is a modular construction into certain blocks
(tiles) for a systematic view of a signaling panel. The tiles
consists of various elements such as signals and turnouts.
With this optional expansion you can create a graphical
SpDrs60 signal panel to reflect your layout on your computer
The SpDrs60 shall find by your entered decoder addresses and
other information for each tile through automatically
connection with Raptor the actual status in order to obtain
a dazzling live display of your layout on the screen with
train locations and actual corresponding signal and turnout
Finally you can also control your Raptor layout through the
SpDrs60 panels using configured Raptor-signal boxes. Note: the
Raptor controls at all times the layout and/or checks your
specify switch commands made by mouse clicks on SpDrs60 screen.
The program 'SpDrs60_for_Raptor' runs on any laptop or PC not
older than 10 years through the SpDrs60 USB stick.

But it also runs the SpDrs60 on a Raspberry Pi (RPI) computer.
The USB stick loads at startup the computer software needed to use the SpDrs60 programme.

A (working) hard disk with an operating system software is not necessary.

Another PC/Tablet Wifi-control is the possibility of controlling Raptor signal-boxes AND locomotive speed/functions wireless via any (iOS, Andriod, all Windows including Windows10!) tablet or smartphone.

Please check out our Download page with all the (wifi network) manuals, options and other (product) information!

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